Client Casestudy__________________

MobiLyte’s expertise on measurement calculation helped a clinic develop its own accurate mobile app with a limited budget

Our client was a healthcare service provider and came to MobiLyte to develop an interesting mobile application, where adult males can examine their facial contours to determine how closely they craniofacially compare to our earliest ancestors and how attractive they appear to cavewomen.

On the app, users can measure their faces, invite friends and compare results, and share them on Whatsapp and Facebook. This app is efficient in its measurements and creates user’s interest to know their facial appearance. To the client, the app became a powerful tool to build a better relationship with patients and generate leads for their healthcare services.

With limited budget, MobiLyte developed our own mathematical calculation and algorithm without using any third party API. MobiLyte team did extensive testing on different scenarios to achieve the most efficient and accurate results within client’s budget range. MobiLyte is currently working on client’s website and potentially phase 2 of the mobile application development in near future.

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