Managed Services

QA Process Consulting

The existence of Software Process is no Guarantee that software will be delivered on time or it will meet customer expectations. Different Software Process Assessment approaches have been proposed over the last few decades. The best software process is one that is close to people who will be doing the work. If a Software or QA Process model has been developed at a corporate or organizational level, it can be effective only if it can meet the project team’s (that is actually doing the work) needs.

Managed Center for QA

If your IT department needs a managed center for Quality Assurance, we can help you set that one up. If you already have an existing center but not aligned with new processes and technologies – like cloud and mobile operations, we can help you fix that one.


QA Offshore/Onsite Testing Services

We offer you offshore and onsite testing services for your projects and products. We have expertise in providing functional, Mobile, cloud-based, API, Automation, and backend testing services to our clients. With offshore/onsite model, you can save on cost and ensure the quality of software. We have testing labs set up in Fremont and in our India Facility, that way you can save on your infrastructure cost.

QA Program Management

We can handle multiple projects for QA for your organization. We can manage and coordinate with testing teams/vendors/partners/ customers for small or large projects. Our QA program activities are reviewed regularly to enable any revisions in recognition of improved or new processes and technologies.

QA & Testing

While most of the QA and testing companies solely focus on the quality, we at MobiLyte understand the need to adapt to the dynamic digital transformation trends along with quality.
Our QA and Testing expertise stretch from Mobile Testing, Web Services Testing, Cloud Based Testing, to Functional Testing and Automation Testing.
We can help you get an edge over your competitors by extending the strategic advantage to your patrons through our specialized QA and Testing services.

Mobile Testing

Mobile has completely changed the way customers interact with businesses. With the world constantly moving towards the mobile-first market, the need for better mobile application quality is growing simultaneously.


Mobile app testing is entirely different from testing web-based applications and integrated distributed applications. Some of the most prominent reasons behind this include a wide range of mobile devices, regular operating system updates, different screen resolutions, different networks and more.

The different phases of mobile application development have their own challenges.
Over the years, we have mastered mobile testing. We specialize in –

  • Ensuring that your app works seamlessly on all devices (smartphone, mobile phones, mobile tablets, wearables, etc.)
  • Testing app on all major operating systems
  • Building test suits that run business transactions on a mobile device with a lot of data to check for any possible issues
  • Getting maximum ROI from a mobile app without standardized mobile SDLC
  • Ensuring that a mobile app is user-friendly, secure, and fast

Why Choose MobiLyte for Mobile Testing?

Seasoned testers at MobiLyte adopt the most authentic mobile app testing approach. We have a unique strategy for testing native mobile apps, mobile web apps, and hybrid mobile apps.

We employ the combination of manual and automated testing, right simulators and emulators, choice of OS with device combination, and dependable testing framework for excellent results.

We offer a completely optimized mobile testing service with risk mitigation to help you achieve your business objective.

Our on-demand pricing model offers cost-effective mobile testing solutions and helps you get ahead of your competitors.

Our Mobile Testing Services and Capabilities


Functional Testing

Functionality testing, Integration testing, regression testing, OS platform testing, Menus, Splash pages, keys, data handling, error messages, functionality speed tests for device connections and carriers.



Responsive Design Testing

Screen sizes, screen resolutions, layouts, color schemes, touch sensitivity, track balls, soft pens, and shortcut keys.



Network and Connectivity Testing

Off-time, on-time connectivity, connection speed, in-app calling testing, NFC testing, Geographical testing, Hotspot testing.



Interruption Testing

App updates, OS updates, storage, battery, recovery testing.



User experience Testing

Look and feel testing, User friendliness



Security Testing

Authentication testing, device fingerprint testing, authorization testing, role-based access testing.



Performance Testing

Load and stress testing



Specialized type of Testing

SMS based testing, Wi-Fi calling testing, Push Notification testing, mobile payments testing.



Certification Testing

Certification and app validation



Automation Testing

Smoke test automation, UI automation, Regression suite automation, data-driven automation.



Localization Testing

Translation testing, local formatting, local location testing, location-based content testing, location-based calculations testing, location based events testing.



Mobile Analytics Testing

Monitoring data traffic, Monitoring KPIs, Geolocation analytic testing, testing measurements in-app payments and revenue, social media, trends, mobile campaign analysis, QR codes, user engagements testing.


Tools and Technology Specific Services and Capabilities

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing and Regression Testing
  • Middleware Testing
  • End to end Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Security Testing
  • MOck Services / Virtualization Testing
  • Protocol Testing
  • API , JSON testing and validation

Partial list of Supported Mobile Devices

Os platform Os version Manufacturer Model Type
Android 5.1 Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5 Phone
4.4W Motorola Moto 360Smart Watch
4.4 Samsung Galaxy2014 Tablet
4.3 Nexus Nexus Phone
4.0 Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone
3.2 Motorola Droid Phone
Apple IOS 8.0 Apple IPhone 6,6 plus Phone
8.0 Apple IPad air 2 Tablet
7.0 Apple IPhone 5,Iphone 4S Phone
7.0 Apple 4th gen IPad with Retina Display Tablet
Window Mobile 10 Pro Microsoft Window Surface Pro 3 Tablet
8.1 Microsoft Lumia 640XL Phone

Web Services Testing

With the constant diversification of Technology, it is getting more and more challenging for businesses to respond to their customer’s queries, transform their business processes and deliver results. To integrate business strategies with IT assets that offer market agility, businesses are increasingly adopting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


SOAP-based web services and RESTful APIs based web services make a unique digital ecology for businesses in which their internal potential and assets can setup a value chain by using the capabilities and assets outside the enterprise.


Undoubtedly SOA and Web Services is the ideal way for businesses to better their marketing and integration. But the other face of this fact is that it requires a combination of specialized tools, dedicated techniques, and unique approach to building, testing, delivering, and maintaining such a complex architecture.


Every step of SOA, Web Services, and Middleware testing requires custom methodology and approach, along with specialized tools.


Testing of different aspects of all layers of the architecture, handling test data, constant integration, ensuring compatibility with other platforms for hassle-free execution of systems.


SOA is truly unique in every way. Even SOA testing requires a unique testing approach, which is not just limited to black-box testing, but stretches to testing all the backend components and the UI.

SOA Testing at MobiLyte includes-

  • Integration and Regression testing in a very less time
  • Managing the complete test coverage in the growing integration points
  • Reducing the cost of testing all the systems that use multiple technologies
  • Testing apps on foreign infrastructure with guarantee of SLA
  • Testing correct levels of security due to complex architecture and re-usability


MobiLyte can be your SOA testing partners. We offer automated SOA testing solutions backed by authentic and proven Web testing approach.

During SOA testing, we take special care of –

  • Security concerns
  • Cloud and virtual environment
  • Agility
  • Complying business requests with the application, data and the infrastructure in different technological environments
  • Selection of specialized testing tools

Seasoned testers at MobiLyte can help you govern your SOA system with more potential of integration with new applications, flexibility, and scalability.

Tools and Technology Specific Services and Capabilities

Services Tools, Frameworks and Technology Expertise Do mains but not limited to
SOAP based services SOAPUI pro Retail/ E-Commerce
RESTFUL APIs based services Groovy Scripting Telecom
Virtualization / Mock services SOA Customized Framework Financial
SOA Customized Framework Health Care
CA LISA Insurance
XML Spy Education
Jenkins Social Network
JUnit Supply Chain
LoadUI Pro

Cloud Based Testing

At MobiLyte, we offer Cloud Based Testing with more agility, greater flexibility, and reduced cost.


2013-2014 World Quality Report says that consumers are getting more intolerant to application errors. This is why businesses need solutions that include specialized testing tools, the right environment, and knowledge, without pushing the delivery date or increasing the cost.


To cater to this need, MobiLyte offers secure, flexible, scalable and on-demand Cloud Testing Service.


As one of the leading Testing Service Provider, we bring years of experience and expertise in developing thoughtful, result-driven, testing strategies to deliver excellent results.

Type Of Testing

What we offer?

By procuring our Cloud Based Testing service, you can-

  • Eliminate the need to invest in the buying, managing and maintaining hardware and software and achieve better ROI
  • Achieve faster project setup and execution
  • Eliminate all business risks and deliver top quality applications to your customers
  • Get standardized testing service, as we use the most dependable Testing frameworks and methodologies
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Get anywhere-anytime accessibility through the secure and redundant infrastructure

Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing helps enterprises ensure that their software is functionally flawless. Expert testers at MobiLyte begin with the comprehensive analysis of the application followed be a well-defined implementation plan with functional testing objectives.


  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing

Functional Testing at MobiLyte involves-

  • Recognizing functions that the software must perform
  • Create data (for input) on the basis of the function’s specifications
  • Analyzing output on the basis of function’s specifications
  • Test case execution
  • Compare actual and expected outputs
  • Analyze if the application works as required

Automation Testing

Every time you make changes in your software code, you need to get it tested. Doing that manually can be laborious, time taking, and costly. This is the reason why more and more enterprises are adopting Automation Testing.


It automates the repetitive test scenarios and provides coverage to the key business operations saving time and expenses.


At MobiLyte, we have mastered the art of designing and implementing automated testing strategies for all kind of applications.

Advantages of Automation Testing by MobiLyte –

  • Development time is reduced
  • Library of quickly executable test assets
  • Improved software quality
  • Better efficiency

Solutions & Expertise

MobiLyte Framework

Our specialized services can provide an edge over your competitors and extends the strategic advantage to your customers through software testing practices and frameworks.

MobiLyte – mTest

Testing is an essential and integral part of all popular SDLC models like Agile, Waterfall methodologies. Most of the application need extensive Regression Testing because of either longer development cycle with multiple phases of development or the applications in need of maintenance forever. Repeated Regression Testing is time and resource consuming task and it makes development cycles longer. This prompts the need for building efficiency into the testing cycle, which is achieved through test automation.

Why mTest?

mTest framework provides a ready to implement test automation framework. mTest helps Quality Engineers to quickly start the automation for a new project and focus more on developing test cases rather than spending a lot of time in setting up the core framework. mTest framework supports iOS and Automation platforms. mTest is built to be very flexible and thus it can be used testing Native Apps or Web Apps or Hybrid Apps. mTest framework is designed following the modular design pattern to achieve a high degree of reusability and minimal maintenance. mTest also provides additional utilities supporting Data Driven testing, Build, and Integration Tools. mTest provides very detailed reports for consuming by various stakeholders in the project and also it provides open reporting data for any customizable report generation.

mTest in working!!

mTest framework provides a ready to implement test automation framework. mTest helps Quality Engineers to quickly start the automation for a new project and focus more on developing test cases rather than spending a lot of time in setting up the core framework. mTest framework supports iOS and Automation platforms. mTest is built to be very flexible and thus it can be used testing Native Apps or Web Apps or Hybrid Apps. mTest framework is designed following modular design pattern to achieve high degree of reusability and minimal maintenance. mTest also provides additional utilities supporting Data Driven testing, Build and Integration Tools. mTest provides very detailed reports for consuming by various stakeholders in the project and also it provides open reporting data for any customizable report generation.

mTest incorporates the concepts of functional decomposition, which simply means creating modular functions for executing fundamental actions that occur in the execution of the tests in a given test bed. These actions may then be called upon and executed independently. This generation also more greatly separates test data from automation code, through greater use of parameterization.


mTest Framework strongly depends on functional decomposition, but evaluates the functions at a much higher level of abstraction, so that code may be reused by tests within the same application, and by tests in different applications. This is accomplished by separating test data and specific application functionality from automation code.

Technology behind mTest

Technology: Java, XML, CSV

Tools: Appium, WebDriver, Selenium Grid

Framework: Junit, TestNG

Platforms: Windows, iOS and Android (Web, Mobile, Hybrid)

mTest Benefits?

  • Ready and Easy to implement
  • Maintainability
  • Portability
  • Flexibility
  • Robustness
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Easy Test case development
  • Built in Modular and Data Driven models for easy test implementation and maintenance
  • Detailed JUnit Style Reporting
  • Work with Real Devices( for Mobile Applications)

Agile Process

We adopt Agile Methodology for testing purposes. Agile Manifesto is:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

MobiLyte Cloud Mobile Solutions

Today, providing mobile access to your workforce is more important than ever. To stay competitive, it is critical that your team have access to the information they need regardless of where they work. We will help your organization develop a strategic plan for supporting the demands of mobile users now and into the future.


There is no question that the advancement of mobile technology is radically changing the way organizations interact with clients, employees, and partners. Our mobile solutions are focused on aligning your core business objectives with a sound mobile strategy that improves communication, increases sales, and enhances productivity.

Our Approach to Delivering Mobile Automation

MobiLyte has developed a proven methodology and repeatable processes for implementing cloud-based mobile solutions. We utilize best-in-class mobile applications and tools to streamline processes, improve communications, and empower your mobile workforce. Our Cloud Strategy, Implementation, and Optimization services are designed to deliver results and maximize your return on investment.

  • Mobile Strategy
  • Prototypes
  • Agile Development
  • Salesforce.com – Implementation
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Advanced Security Options

MobiLyte provides focused solutions and services to help enterprises achieve their business goals. Bringing together unmatched experience, rich capabilities across all industry segments, our services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity and reduce costs for our customers. Our vertical industry groups collaborate with clients to help them overcome business challenges and stay competitive.

MobiLyte solutions combine our rich knowledge of the systems and business processes specific to your industry. We deliver business value by adapting our overall solution to meet the most challenging demands of our customers.