Web Application Development

MobiLyte is a seasoned web application development company based in Fremont, California. Our team of skilled developers and designers create magic with your ideas and their efforts. Whether you want a small app to improve your team’s efficiency or huge user consumer app, you will be benefited equally.

Our Step-Wise Approach

Step 1 – Vision of your project

We discuss the project in detail to understand all the unique business requirements, needs and objectives. On the basis of the project documentation, our analysts quote the time frame and budget.

Step 2 – Consultation about technologies

As per the project’s requirements and client’s preferences about the technologies, we pick the best suitable technologies for the project.

Step 3 – Software Designing, Business Analysis and Prototyping

Right from the first step, we promote accurate vision, data flow design, functional business analysis and process to design a scalable and open architecture which ensures application’s extensibility, scalability, and performance.

Step 4 – Ensuring Quality User Experience

To ensure quality user experience, we pay attention to the usability and user interface design which can be realized by usability testing and prototyping.

Step 5 – Quality Assurance

It is the most important step in software development. We have skilled QA and testing team which works on the processes based on the QA practices and standards accepted internationally.

Step 6 – Development

This is the major step in the software development process. Our team ensures the continuity, clarity and seamlessness of the web development. This gives a better visibility and control over the work-flow.

Step 7 – Deployment

When the development process is complete, our software engineers start working on the deployment of the developed application for production and testing for its designated use, or for the final capability testing before the launch.

Step 8 – Integration

If required, our team carries out integration with web services or third party software for Payment Gateways, Online Data Sources, etc.

Step 9 – Support and Maintenance

We provide continuous maintenance and support for the delivered web application.

Step 10 – Extended Improvement

We continuously work on the improvement of the delivered web application and also take care that the process is carried out without interrupting the business operations.

Why Choose MobiLyte?

We believe in providing customer oriented services by offering full-cycle services that cover all aspects of production and implementation of software. We combine the best practices in the industry for improved user experience and performance with our proven business intelligence to help you in making your project a success.


Our mission is to provide device-skeptic solutions which work on all platforms.

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