Web Design

MobiLyte majors in producing attractive and interactive designs

Web Design

Why web designing? Because the initial phase of creating a website is planning its structure and deciding its platform. Hence, we create website layouts that are up to date, user friendly and easy to access over different platforms.

HTML Development – We produce efficient websites and applications using HTML 5 development. Our core expertise lies in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to name a few. We have worked on different genres of industrial projects of different sizes, and hence, we are accustomed at preparing high-performing websites that generate more business for you.

Mobile Optimized Website – We create mobile optimized website that is nothing but an advanced mobile friendly version of the main website. The optimized website for mobile use makes it easy for people to access it over certain handheld devices such as iPhone or a tablet. Everything in the website is enhanced according to the different devices, hence mobile optimized website.

Website Layout – We make website layouts that are aimed at improving the functionality and user friendliness. We use wireframe to arrange the functional components of a website, as a result of which your website would be well arranged, with great interface and easy navigation.

Responsive Web Design – A responsive web design, which is a spontaneous feature rendered to your website for mobile use, can enhance the user experience significantly. We optimally design a website, making it fit for flexible viewing where the website is made to resize and fit over various smartphones. Also, we work on easy navigation and active interaction with the user is provided to create a high-performing browsing experience. The websites can be made responsive for all mobile operating systems.