Hybrid App Development

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Hybrid App Development

MobiLyte is a mobile app development, California based company that produces a wide range of mobile software solutions using various programming languages and frameworks. The dexterity of creating a hybrid application is that it allows a user to freely access the application over any platform because of the underlying same code. We cater to the assorted needs required to be designed and implemented in a mobile based hybrid application. Our solutions originate with your unique specifications.

A hybrid mobile app can be created for many platforms using languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. The best part about having a hybrid application is that the code can be used over multiple platforms easily. Hence, the resulting app is fast, useful and easy to maintain.

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PhoneGap App Development – We use PhoneGap mobile development framework to build hybrid applications. This tool is extremely helpful in creating cross-platform and multifunctional codes for a variety of mobile operating systems. We create hybrid apps for all platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows, Nokia Symbian to name a few. The frameworks enables easy features that help us to produce a function-rich, competent and smooth application.

Titanium App Development – Titanium is another mobile development framework that is practiced by us to create, test, set up and manage a hybrid app. We use this framework mainly because it eases the creation and functionality of the application for various mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry OS. Through this framework we produce applications that are feature-rich, have great interface and enhances user experience over varied platforms.

Technical Support MobiLyte – is customer-focused and provides 24×7 technical support to our clients so that they don’t face any issues after we deploy the apps over different platforms.

jQuery Mobile – We create touch optimized mobile applications using jQuery Mobile, a light-weight web based mobile development framework that makes use of JavaScript library. This framework helps in creating compatible apps that can be used over an array of smartphone operating systems. Because of this technology, the applications get processed faster. Furthermore, the jQuery codebase spontaneously adjusts over various platforms, be it smartphone, desktop or tablets.